Rich Grey

Rich Grey has been part of the Atlanta climbing community for 22+ years. He has worked for Atlanta Rocks! since 1996. He’s also a flight instructor, train enthusiast, and avid skateboarder. He can climb 5.11s in his tennis shoes. 🙂

Grey loved his mother more than life itself. The climbing community rallied around him years ago to help buy a cemetery marker for his mother. He chose to use the leftover money to go towards the Wounded Warrior Project and The Rangers Scholarship Fund in honor of our dear climbing buddy Jon Peney who was killed while serving in Afghanistan. 

Now Grey needs us again. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He’s been feeling lousy since summer and even had to call in sick (something he would NEVER do). He hasn’t been able to keep food down. He’s consulting the doctor Thursday (1/11/18) and may be admitted for surgery as early as Friday. There are a lot of unknowns at the moment.

Greg Perry plans to be there for him in the hospital and will keep me updated. I will post updates in the journal here. Please keep Grey in your prayers.

Marjorie Perry, Atlanta Rocks!