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Dixie Cragger's Atlas

The varied geography of the southern United States has given rise to some of the most interesting and varied rock climbing in the world. Descriptions of, and driving directions to, many of the most popular climbing areas in the southern U.S. are provided courtesy of Chris Watford, author of The Dixie Cragger’s Atlas, the authoritative guide to southern rock. The Dixie Cragger’s Atlas provides extensive route information and is the ultimate source for any outdoor climbing enthusiast.

If you aren’t familiar with these areas, or if your outdoor climbing experience is limited, seek more information from an experienced guide service. Remember, climbing is dangerous. Stack the odds in your favor and always climb within your skill and experience levels. Take advantage of modern climbing gear and utilize safe climbing practices. Be courteous to other climbers, stay on marked trails, pack out all of your garbage, and take no action that will reflect poorly on the climbing community. Many climbing areas face access problems and it is up to everyone to help keep these valuable resources open for climbing.

The many outdoor retailers in the Atlanta area include High Country and REI are excellent sources of information for your outdoor climbing experience. We, at Atlanta Rocks, encourage you to have fun and be safe!

Cheaha State ParkBlack Mountain
Griffin FallsBuzzard Point
Palisades ParkCherokee Bluff
Sand RockFoster Falls
The Boulder FieldsFall Creek Falls
Obed/Clear Creek/Lily Bluff/Lily Boulders/Y12 Craig
Savage Gulf
Starr Mountain
Suck Creek Canyon
Sunset Rock
Tennessee Wall
Laurel Falls
GeorgiaMetro Atlanta Area
Currahee MountainAllenbrook
Lost WallBoat Rock
RocktownLong Island
Tallulah GorgeLittle Kennesaw Mountain
Yonah MountainThe Zipper
The Palisades