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Atlanta Rocks! is proud to be Atlanta's first indoor rock climbing gym, having been founded in 1995.
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Climbing HoldImportant! — To provide you the best climbing experience possible, if you do not know how to belay, please call us for reservations (404-351-3009). We will be happy to discuss all your climbing options, based upon your experience, at that time. With a reservation, no experience is necessary.

An Atlanta Rocks! Waiver of Liability Agreement, signed by their parent or legal guardian, is required for each climber under 18.

Daily Rates (no staff assistance, if you know how to belay) — $15

Boulder Day Rate (no harnessed climbing of any type) — $10

Power Lunch Special (no staff assistance) — Monday-Friday, 11 am-2 pm — Climbing $10 / Bouldering $5

Quick Climb (no reservation, or previous climbing experience, required) — Six climbs on our auto-belays $15.

Novice Climb (reservation required, no experience necessary) — Includes approximately one staff member for every six climbers, harness rental and climbing shoes. Space is limited, so please call for reservations. A non-refundable deposit is required $25.

Atlanta Rocks! Groups

For groups, a signed parental/legal guardian Atlanta Rocks! Waiver of Liability Agreement is required for each climber under 18. A non-refundable deposit is required with reservation.

Team Building

Atlanta Rocks! will customize your event to meet your needs by providing as much or as little structure as you desire. A typical program might feature an exciting mix of rock climbing activities which foster cooperation, communication, and teamwork while challenging attendees to achieve goals which may initially seem improbable or impossible.


  • Standard Climbing Competition: This is a basic competition in which the person who climbs the highest wins.
  • Speed Climbing: The climber who gets to the top in the shortest amount of time wins the event.
  • Elimination Climb Off: Each climber is allowed to eliminate a hold from a route prior to climbing it. The climber who finishes the route using the least number of holds wins the Climb Off.
  • Traverse Tag: One climber is given a head start traversing the wall, a second climber sets off in pursuit.
  • Twister: Similar to the popular game you played as a young adult applied to a climbing wall.


  • Three-Handed Climb: In this event, climbers on adjacent routes would have to hold inside hands causing them to work as a team.
  • Blindfolded Climbing: The climber is blindfolded and given instructions, beta, from a team member on the ground.


  • Traverse Relay: Climbers would be divided into teams. The first climber from team A would begin to traverse the wall. As each climber comes off the wall the next member of the team would continue where the preceding climber left off. The team that traverses the farthest wins the relay.
  • The Bucket Fill: In this head-to-head relay race, teams rush to fill buckets suspended on the climbing wall with rubber chunks gathered from Atlanta Rocks! unique shock-absorbing landing surface.

You may choose events from the list above or work with Atlanta Rocks! staff to create a new event designed to meet your specific team building goals. No prior climbing experience is required.

Call for rates.

Fee includes:
— Use of the facility.
— Approximately one belayer for every six people.
— Harness and climbing shoes.

Atlanta Rocks! Groups/Parties (10+ climbers)

Atlanta Rocks! is ideal for exclusive private functions birthday parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties, scouting functions and youth outings. No prior climbing experience is required.

Call for rates — 10-person minimum

Fee includes:
— Use of the facility.
— Approximately one belayer for every six people.
— Harness and climbing shoes.

Overnight Lock-Ins at Atlanta Rocks!

Atlanta Rocks! presents, the kind of all-nighter everyone will enjoy!

Atlanta Rocks! Overnight Climbing Lock-Ins are about providing young men and women with an alternative place to hang with their friends, socialize, climb, watch movies, order pizza, play games, and camp in a climate controlled, safe facility. Lock-Ins are an excellent way for kids to burn off energy, make new friends, and build confidence and self esteem. Overnight Climbing Lock-Ins are perfect for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies, church youth groups, birthday parties, homeschool groups, and even corporate team building! Whatever your needs, Atlanta Rocks! can create a unique overnight experience custom tailored just for your group.

Times — 10 pm-6 am

Call for rates — 20-person minimum

Lock-in Resources:

Please contact us for program specifics.

Video of Cory Ritter's Body Design Group at Atlanta Rocks!